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Masur Rock

Hussainabad Broq Serves as a gateway to the Masur rock which has gained popularity in the recent years locally, nationally and even internationally. It has attracted hundreds of tourists to reach on the top passing through an adventurous trek. It has amazingly a great resemblance with a famous rock in Norway called “Trolltunga Rock”. Positioning more or less in the same manner, the cliff juts horizontally out from the mountain on the masoor peak. The name masoor comes from the peak or the mountain on which this rock is placed. There are two meanings for the word masoor in Balti language 1. The place of dawn Masoor rock. 2. A Rotten Stone. Masoor rock is 4 kilometers from the village. The track is a bit steep making it a thrilling and an arduous trek for the visitors.  It takes an average 2.5 hours to climb to the rock and almost two hours to descend back.

Explained by Mr. Arif Hussain, local guide from Broq who discovered the Masoor Rock

The Construction of Track to Masoor Rock

As per target the track to masoor rock has been demarcated erecting stones along the track ensuring that the tourists are not misled. Last month, before the demarcation of the track, a group of visitors from the down country lost their way while descending from the rock and the availability of mobile signals helped them to be accessed and rescued as they contacted the police helpline.

Furthermore three (03) wooden gazebos have been constructed along the track aiming to provide resting places to the trackers. Generally, the track is a bit difficult to climb particularly for amateur climbers and they really need have these resting points to relax and to proceed with the mission. While choosing the sties for gazebos, the view from the selected site has also been taken into account.

Moreover, the track has been flattened specially where it was dangerous for the climber to slipup eliminating the slippery boulders and making steps for an easy climb. These interventions along the track have made it comparatively easier and safer for the tourists.

Training on Basic Guiding and Rock-Climbing Techniques

The rationale behind organizing this training was to impart skills in youth about basic guiding and rock climbing. The tourists intending to visit the masoor rock and the ecovillage is linked with this training whereby the guided tracks will be promoted. It will help local youth to earn from tourism and will be safter and more informative for the tourists to visit sites. Furthermore, the ecofriendly practices can be promoted such as waste management and respect of local culture etcMoreover, the entire Baltistan region has tremendous potential for the tourism. However, in the recent years the need for guides has been acutely felt with significant increase in the number of tourists to GB. The guides of the training will on the one hand be earning and will also provide a great deal of guiding services to the tourists. 

The training contents focused mainly on the following three thematic areas:

Rock Climbing:

  • Introduction to the equipment
  • Rope fixing
  • Repelling
  • Orientation of the peaks in GB

Basics of Guiding

  • Communication skills
  • Basic English Language and terminologies
  • Sensitivities of Intercultural communication
  • Body language and gestures
  • Hospitality, its features

Rescue and First Aid

  • Nature of accidents during climbing
  • How to make an emergency stretcher with the rope
  • How to rescue an injured on the mountain and get off the mountain/rock
  • High altitude sickness and necessary first aid