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Hussainabad Broq, the first ecovillage of GB and Pakistan
Masur Rock that has gained worldwide popularity in recent years
Implemented by EvK2CNR, Executed by UNDP and funded by AICS

Mountain Ecosystems in Northern Pakistan

In the wake of environmental challenges, emanating from global warming, Gilgit Baltistan is undergoing severe weather events and number of calamities as a result.  The challenges mount with influx of tourists that is dealt in an unmanaged way. The tourism is purely seasonal starting from May with a sharp decline in September. Furthermore, some specific valleys bear the entire burden of visitors that include Gilgit, Skardu and Hunza during these five months.  Such valleys are threatened if the tourism is not managed in accordance with the essence ecotourism.

The concept of ecovillage is an integrated approach towards social, economic and environmental sustainability.  It seeks to involve all segments of life of a particular area in the economic activities also linking them with the community-based ecotourism.

Under this broader this concept the men and women are imparted skills keeping in view natural resources such as agricultural and dairy farming, poultry, mining, hospitality etc.


Hussainabad Broq Serves as a gateway to the Masur rock which has gained popularity in the recent years locally, nationally and even internationally. It has attracted hundreds of tourists to reach on the top passing through an adventurous trek. It has amazingly a great resemblance with a famous rock in Norway called “Trolltunga Rock”.


Hussainabad Broq is first of its kind of Gilgit Baltistan and most probably in Pakistan where initiatives have been taken towards its management and conservation as an ecovillage under the project “Improvement of Central Karakoram National Park Management System as Model for Mountain Ecosystems in Northern Pakistan.”

The Renovated Building (Masoor Guest House)

Hussainabad Broq is rich for its historical buildings as some of them are said to be more than 100 years old. These densely built buildings are eight in number which have partially been damaged. All of them are abandoned or used for animals and to store hay.

One of such buildings was selected to be renovated as a guest house, community center and museum to promote community-based ecotourism.  The services of BCDF, were hired through the bidding process for the renovation work of the old abandoned building.

The building has two bedrooms, kitchen, a hall two corridors and one washroom. In order to fulfill the needs of a guesthouse, another washroom has been built. The wooden fencing has been made keeping in view its cultural connectedness

Rock-Climbing Techniques

Rock Climbing

  • Introduction to the  equipment
  • Rope fixing
  • Repelling
  • Orientation of the peaks in GB

Basics of Guiding

  • Communication skills
  • Basic English Language and terminologies
  • Sensitivities of Intercultural communication


  • Nature of accidents during climbing
  • How to make an emergency stretcher with the rope
  • How to rescue an injured on the mountain and get off the mountain/rock